May 07

We need your feedback on TWO major city centre developments

Last week saw two major and very public developments lodged with the city council.

The proposals for Union Terrace Gardens and Proposals for Bon Accord Centre extension.

Following a very short consultation in December 2016 the LDA who are the designers for the Union Terrace Garden proposals have lodged their planning application which can be found here We are seeking the thoughts of Aberdeen so that we can make a true representation on the plans.

With the Bon Accord Centre proposals which has been subject to major media coverage we are also seeking your comments on their proposals. You can find the details of the application here

You can leave feedback here or via social media. Alternatively if you want to email us please send it to <a href=”mailto:secretary@citycentrecc.com” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>secretary@citycentrecc.com</a>


  1. Linda Kasim

    Leave Union Terrace alone it is a beautiful and safe place for children to play in and not have to breathe in toxic fumes from the traffic

  2. Stuart Benzie

    Difficult to appreciate what’s planned from drawings. One concern is the existing toilets at union street. Are these being preserved. Very strongly wish them to be preserved.

  3. Alan Parker

    The UTG plans seem to strike a good balance between preserving the old and updating the park to make it more accessible for everybody. I like the idea of refurbishing the Victorian toilets, which will become a tourist attraction as they are in Rothesay. My only concern is that the Union Street balustrade should be permanently raised to a height that will prevent people from jumping off.

    There is so much I find wrong with the BAC plans it’s difficult to know where to start. How many city centre hotels are currently in the works? Do we really need another one, especially one that will have such a detrimental effect on the locale. Likewise with serviced flats. At a time when Aberdeen is crying out for affordable housing this proposal is surely untenable. More serviced flat will be metaphorically rubbing the noses of those waiting for social housing in it.

    Objections already lodged describe the effect this will have on the ancient light currently enjoyed by residents of the area, I would add my voice to those objections for that reason.

    Finally, it is ugly, and totally ill-fitting for the area.

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