Sep 19

Skene Street Project Crowd Funding Has Begun!

We are really excited to announce the launch of our crowd funding campaign for the next phase of The Skene Street Project.


The campaign will be run on CrowdFunder.co.uk and last for 8 weeks!. During that time people will be able to pledge money towards the project and any money raised will go firstly to creating a new entrance and path to the site which will open us up to creating an alternative to the pavement. Everyone who pledges will be rewarded in varying ways from being permanently mentioned in a thank you page on our we

The initial goal is for £30,000 however we have set this up in such a way that any money raised can be kept and put toward the project. We have done this to allow us to get the project started as we know that to finish the full project will take a lot more money.

If we are lucky enough to reach our goal by the end of the 60 days and surpass it then we will add stretch goals and rewards to show what any and all money will be spent on.

We also recognise that not everyone will be able to directly help the campaign but please share it with your friends and family it all helps!

If you would like to discuss other ways or if there is not a pledge level that suits you please get in touch and we can look at ways for you or your business to be involved.
Please use the #TheSkeneStreetProject when sharing info.
If you would like to donate outwith the crowdfunding campaign there is a paypal donate button on our website!

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