Jul 18

Update: Application for the Former St Nicholas House site

Final Concept drawing from April 2014 exhibition

Final Concept drawing from April 2014 exhibition

The Aberdeen City Council planning department have recommended that the application for the former St Nicholas House site be deferred until a public hearing can be held.

in the report which you can read here states the reasons as “This application relates to land currently owned by Aberdeen City Council, and has attracted a significant body of public representation, which raises a wide range of material planning considerations, relevant to the planning authority’s consideration of the proposal against the Development Plan (Aberdeen Local Development Plan and Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan). ”

There were more than 40 letters of representation received from businesses, retailers and members of the community which you can read here

We welcome the recommendation to hold a public hearing which will allow everyone who put in representation, the developers, Councillors and those involved to speak in person regarding this development and we would urge all members of the Planning Development Management Committee to agree the recommendations.

In the report it is recommended that a date for the public hearing would be Friday  29th of August if agreed members of the City Centre Community Council will attend to better state the reasons behind our objections to the application.

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