Jul 05

Concerns about the amount of graffiti in the City


Graffiti left the day after the arches were re-painted in Union terrace gardens back in April 2014

We are concerned about the amount of graffiti that has been appearing in and around the city! We are not talking about art but this “tagging” that goes on in various places. After our very successful re-paint of the Arches in Union Terrace gardens we were very disappointed to see it targeted the very next day after completion and continues to be targeted by these taggers. We have also raised our concerns with the City Centre Community Policing team.

This kind of vandalism serves no purpose and only ends up wasting money that could be used enhancing an area like what was done to freshen up the Arches.

Aberdeen City Council have a very simple reporting form for graffiti and we would ask that if you find any please report it. It will help to make sure it is removed as soon as possible. If you have a persistent problem you can also report it to the police using 101


To report an incident of Graffiti with the council please follow this link: https://online.aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/faultreport/FaultReport.aspx?id=15

Please help us keep Aberdeen beautiful and our streets clear of graffiti!

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