Jun 10

Concerns over the removal of City Centre Crossing



We have raised concerns with Councillors regarding the decision made at the recent meeting of Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure (E,P, & I) committee to remove the crossing between the Union Terrace Gardens and the William Wallace Statue.Our main concern is the lack of consultation about the crossings removal. the Please see below our email to our ward Councillors and the convener of E,P & I.

You can also read the officer’s report here.

“Dear Councillors,

The City Centre Community Council would like to express our concern with the decision that was made on Tuesday 3rd of June at the Enterprise Planning and Infrastructure committee to remove the crossing at the slip road between Rosemount Viaduct and Union Terrace.
We are surprised that there was no kind of consultation done on this before a decision was made and feel that before any work is carried out a proper consultation takes place.

As residents of the City Centre we all know from personal experience that it is a much needed crossing, Specifically for those with Children or people with disabilities and the removal of this facility could force pedestrians to cross additional roads and go out of their way to reach the Historic gardens and William Wallace Statue statue situated on the island. For example someone travelling from Schoolhill on the side of Union terrace Gardens will be forced to cross over to the side of His Majesty’s Theatre walk along and cross again outside the Central Library. There is also a Bus stop that side of the road, removing these lights could affect it’s use.
We also feel this particular crossing is also quite intimidating, this is because cars come round the corner and only see the red lights last minute.

When looking at the results of the survey we note the times the survey was done and the fact that it was only done for 1 hour at a time over 3 consecutive days and at the same times with none of these days being at the weekend, we do not feel this is an effective survey. For example between the hours of 3pm and 4pm there would have been school children coming in both direction from Gilcomstoun Primary and Robert Gorden’s School.

Taking note of the number of people that crossed within the studs but no figures of those that crossed without pressing the button only stating that “A majority of pedestrians”. We are quite sure that if you were to do a survey on most of the crossing lights that you would get similar results.

While the formula use to calculate the crossings usefulness might show there is no need for it, We would argue that none of the report takes in the importance of it’s use to the pedestrians that do use it.

On these notes we would ask you to reconsider removing the crossing and further more ask you to consider upgrading it to newer equipment so that the issues of out of date parts is not a concern.”

We would like your feedback on this. please comments below.

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