Jan 31

Devastating news for Aberdeen as Police and Fire & Rescue boards vote for closures

January 30th 2014 saw two major blows to Aberdeen and the rest of the north of Scotland as The Scottish Police Authority Board (SPA) voted in favor of closing Aberdeen’s 999 and 101 call centers and the Fire & Rescue Board chose to close it’s Aberdeen Control room, both in favor of moving these services to Dundee.


We are very saddened by the decisions of the SPA and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service board. We would expect that as a major city of Scotland and a major gateway to the north would at the very least be a sensible hub in which to house one of the remaining centers both for the Police and F&R service.
We cannot understand how concentrating these control rooms in to a relatively small area of Scotland makes any sense. In times of an emergency you want to have a familiar voice, someone who knows what and where you are talking about. 
We do not doubt the ability of those in the future centralized service centers but worry that a great deal of experience and knowledge will be lost. 
We feel there are questions to be answered both regarding the lack of public consultation on the SPA’s decision and the report brought forward by the F&R  Board.
To view the report from the Fire and Rescue board click here
To watch the Scottish Police Authorities meeting from January 30th click here
Please let us know what you think of these decisions.

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