Jan 29

Concerns over Aberdeen’s Queen Street Police Station

Aberdeen's Queen Street Police HQ

Aberdeen’s Queen Street Police HQ

On Tuesday 28th January the Evening Express reported that our City Centre Police Head quarters was not safe from closure.

This raises a lot of concern for us as we feel one of the major assets in Aberdeen’s City Centre is the ability to walk straight into the main headquarters of the local police and see someone face to face. It would be very damaging to the local community and to Aberdeen n a wider sense. We feel that pound signs are being considered more than the community safety. All of our local police officers do a fantastic job and and to see their long standing base of operation would be be a huge loss to our city.

We would echo the call of council leader Barney Crockett in seeking a guarantee that Aberdeen’s policing team and it’s HQ are safe. We accept that savings have to be made in this day and budgets are tight, However a major city like Aberdeen should be a central point or hub for centralized forces such as the police.




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