Jan 28

Aberdeen’s Local Development Plan Consultations

Aberdeen’s Local Development Plan (LDP) team are currently working on the yearly update of the 2016 LDP. The team have now started two consultations on two aspects of the LDP and are looking for comments.

The first of the consultations is Main Issues Report which is a 10 week consultation running from 13 January until 24 March 2014.

What is the Main issues report?

“The purpose of the Main Issues Report is to front load effective engagement on the preparation of the plan. The Main Issues Report is not a draft version of the plan, but rather presents a preferred option and reasonable alternatives for development, informed by a sound evidence base. The publication of the Main Issues Report should come before the planning authority has reached a firm view as to the strategy that should be followed.”

This is a real chance to be involved in the over all plan for Aberdeen and have your say. We would urge everyone to get involved.

As part of the consultation there will be public drop in sessions:

  • Wednesday 29 January 3pm – 7pm – Scotstown Library
  •  Monday 3 February 3pm – 8pm – Central Library
  • Wednesday 5 February 3pm – 7pm – Altens Community Centre
  • Thursday 6 February 3pm – 8pm – Cults Sports Centre
  •  Monday 10 February 3pm – 7pm – Northfield Library

You can also read the full report here and comment on individual sections of the report here.


The second consultation that is happening is the Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Manual which is a 6 week consultation running from 27th January until 7th March 2014.

What is the Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Manual?

“The Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Manual is currently used by Planning Officers and Developers to determine what infrastructure contributions (e.g. contributions to roads, schools, healthcare facilities) might be sought from development proposals.”

The existing document is currently Supplementary Guidance to the adopted Local Development Plan, meaning that it must be taken account of in the determining of planning applications. The current consultation looks at a few updates to the current document.

You can read the changes to the Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Manual by going here and to send in a comment on the document please email ldp@aberdeencity.co.uk and clearly state that you are commenting on the The Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Manual.

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