Nov 21

One Tonne Community Salt bag delivered to the YMCA Car Park

As part of our Ready for Winter campaign The community council are seeking appropriate places in the City Centre to take advantage of the City Council’s Community Salt Bags. Today we can announce that thanks to the YMCA and the Chief Executive Officer Ian Marr that we have found our first location and the 1 tonne bag was delivered over night to their car park on Skene Terrace!

On the 15th of November the City Council put out a press release saying that 21 tonnes of salt had already been delivered along with another 6 tonnes due to be sent out. They also added “The scheme is being rolled-out following a successful trial last year, which saw 38 tonnes of salt distributed to groups of neighbours, community organisations and some private companies, who all used it to treat public roads and footpaths in their areas.

One tonne bags of salt can be provided, where appropriate, which members of the community can use over the winter period to tackle icy areas. A secure and accessible area, like a driveway or garage, has to be available for storing the salt.”

The YMCA car park is open to pedestrians so this is an ideal location for people to come along with a bucket or bag to collect some salt to help the pathways and steps in the area. We would urge everyone who needs it to take advantage of the free salt provided by the council and to help their communities stay safe. You can find the salt bag just on the right of the entrance to the car park easily accessed and free to use!

We would like to thank Mr Marr and the YMCA for allowing the use of their car park for the community and if anyone would like to help by taking a bag of salt please contact us or the council to find out how!

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