Nov 11

Muse Developments Video from the Consultation

Muse Developments have posted a video on their Marishcal Square website. Following the first stage of the consultation process which more than 1600 people attended over the 4 day event they have brought together a video so that we can “get a flavour of the events and reaction” of the exhibition. They also say that while the first stage of the consultation has ended all the materials from it can still be viewed in the Marischal College until the 29th of December.

Following on from that the next stage of the consultation which will be a second staffed exhibition held in the Art Gallery between the 12th and 14th of December, which should show case some sort of design that they have created taking into account the feedback gathered from the first exhibition. I hope that even more people will take the time to head over and consider the plans they have come up with with our feedback.

Here is the video that Muse has produced.


Marischal Square Consultation from 3×1 Public Relations on Vimeo.

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