Nov 11

Are you Ready for Winter?


With winter fast approaching and The City Centre Community Council is getting behind the Scottish Government’s Ready Scotland campaign. We are encouraging everyone in Aberdeen City to be ready for the harsh weather by looking out for neighbours and friends whether it be car sharing or doing shopping for a grandparent we can all help look out for each other. You can get involved by sharing information, making plans, taking action and getting ready by visiting www.readyscotland.org for more information and advice.

We have posters and z-card leaflets for the Ready Scotland campaign that we have been handing out to local shops and businesses to display and if anyone would like any please let us know. We have also been using the campaign’s twitter hash tag #ReadyWinter2013 to share our Winter stories.

On top of getting behind the national campaign we are also seeking to take advantage of Aberdeen City Council’s offer to supply 1 tonne bags of salt to communities to help provide people with means to keep our pavements and roads clear. These one tonne bags need to be delivered to private land that is still accessible to the public so we are looking for any where in the city centre that would be willing to take delivery of one of these bags to help keep our street safe over the ice part of winter. Please let us know and we can give the necessary details so that arrangements can be made.

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